Why larger dogs may be a better choice

How many times have we heard landlords say “No big dogs. I just paid $2000 to re-carpet this home and I don’t want to take a chance with my investment.” On the surface it make sense, but in terms of pet ownership and dog behavior, these landlords may be missing the mark. Arizona is a very pet friendly state, with more than 80% of the rentals allowing some combination of dogs and/ or cats. This pretty much means if you want to be competitive with other rentals, you really need to consider allowing pets.

Many owners handle this by approving the pets on a case by case basis. Not a bad idea if your property has recently been renovated or if your homeowners insurance company has banned particular breeds. Often times, a small dog or two does not seem as much of a threat to the cleanliness of the home as a large dog, but truthfully, nothing could be further from the truth. Little dogs are masters at hiding from their owners to sprinkle the carpet, and can manage to do so repeatedly before the owner is even aware that they are doing so. By then, the damage is done and the house has a distinctive doggy aroma. The very fact that little dogs can remain undetected in their mistakes for so long means that many, many little dogs are never truly housetrained.

When it comes to their bigger cousins, it is rare to find a large dog who is not mannerly in the house. While the little dogs can leave a teaspoon or two of piddle behind a couch or potted plant and skip away unnoticed, the big guys are immediately caught in the act when they leave a small lake in the carpet. Since they don’t “get away with it” large dogs learn very early that good house manners are a must!

So the next time you are considering whether to allow a large dog to reside in your rental, think twice before disqualifying him for his size. Ask for a positive referral from a previous landlord and change that home’s vacant status to “RENTED”!